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If you operate a medical office or practice in New Jersey or are planning on starting one soon, contact the experts of amoxil Horizon Printing Solutions today. We are an authorized dealer of State of New Jersey certified prescription pads in multiple formats including single, carbon and zithromax australia buy laser style printing. We have been providing expert services for prescription pads printing in NJ for more than 35 years and can do the same for you.

Prescription Pads Printing Solutions NJ

prescription pad printer njThe State of New Jersey has strict laws about the printing and serial number stamping of prescription pads sold to amoxil doctors and medical professionals. For this reason, it is important that you choose a company that has the right certification for printing your prescription pads while offering the right options to customize them for your specific needs.

Whether you need single 1 or 2 part prescription pads, laser sheets, or would like to order small batches, we offer a full range of options. Whatever your prescription pads printing needs in NJ, contact the experts of Horizon Printing Solutions today and ask to learn more about what we can do for you.

The new security measures required by the regulations include:

  • Thermochromic Ink, which changes color in response to body heat. The heat-activated ink will appear in a small Rx logo on the cheap nolvadex front of the prescription blank. It will fade when touched and return to its original color when it cools.
  • Microprint, of 0.5-point type or smaller. The front of each prescription blank will include a line of microprint that is readable when viewed at 500 percent magnification, but becomes illegible when scanned or photocopied.
  • A hollow “VOID” hidden word feature that is invisible on a genuine prescription blank but should appear in illegally scanned or copied versions.
  • A unique 15-digit identification number for each prescription blank. The alphanumeric code will identify the vendor that created the blank, the vendor’s original number, and a six-digit serial number for each separate prescription blank.
  • A Barcode matching the prescription blank’s unique 15-digit identification number. The barcode will enable pharmacists to scan prescription data into the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • The new prescription blanks will be green on the front and blue on the back. This will enable them to be more easily distinguished from the old blanks, which are blue on the front and green on the back.

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